ZAC Digital Recording Studios

ZAC Digital A

Our little room is now equipped with another first!
the first NEVE GENESYS console in the U.S.

32 frame loaded 24 channels of the classic pre-amps and 16 digitally controlled, yet truly analogue 1073 eq's - also equipped with 8 analog subgroups, stereo Verb returns allowing up to 64 total inputs plus DAW PT mix control gives this room new power in
"out of the box" mixing thru a solid 2mix buss.
Add your favorite 2mix compressor on the insert and it’s Audio Nirvana!
Our long lived ProControl could never do that!!!!

This comfortable, acoustically tailored control room is a cost effective alternative
to hanging out at the house, struggling to get it to sound 'right’!

ProTools HD3, Mac G5 / 2- 192's 24 channels in's and out's
Neve Mic Pre's, LA-3A's, Pendulum 
Two Iso Booths

Mains - Single 15" Augspurger with BBI subs/ Bryston amps
Nearfield - Yamaha NS-10m or choice dynaudio, Hafler, Genelec, Mackie

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