Like the monument Stonehenge took phases to construct,
this analog room is evolving with this new generation of record makers.

Thanks for tuning in,
Stonehenge STILL houses the largest SSL 4000 series G+ desk in Atlanta
This 88 channel, 4080 G+ console was custom built from the ground up in Rockland, MA
48 "E" series dual line channels, 24 "G" series channels and 8 Stereo channels
Cool phase meter, VU's, and the fattest spec. on the 2Mix buss
G+ software, Ultimation, Total Recall and that trusty Stereo compressor


Assistant Provided


Late starts and no-shows billed from specified start time.
Cancellations with less than 48 hr notice will be billed for time scheduled.
Materials released upon receipt of balance.

Equipment & Amenties

SSL Custom 4088 G+, Ultimation, Total Recall
ProTools HD3, Mac G5 / 3- 192 I/O's 24 in /48 outs , Flat Screen
(2) Studer A827 24tk's STILL (waiting on CLASP syst.)
Live Room 23" W x 25" D x 21" ceiling
Augspurger Mains, loaded with TAD components
Powered by Bryston, tuned by "Coco"
3 Gtr Iso's / Private Lounge
Outboard Gear? Lots - call us with your wish list
Some items may incur additional charges

if you need more,
an entire selection of gear, machines and Protools are available at our neighbors house, eclipse audio
special discounts apply for ZAC guests
see for current list

Outboard FX:

AMS RMX reverb / AMS 15-80s DDL / Eventide H3500/sampler
Eventide 2016 / MXR blue phaser / Sony R7 reverb / Sony D7 modulator fx
Lexicon 480L / Lexicon PCM 42 (2) DDL / Roland SDE 3000 DDL
TC 2290 DDL / TC M3000 reverb / Yamaha SPX 990

Outboard Processors:

Mercury Grand Pre/ M66 comp (2) / EQH-1 eqs (2)/ WSW vintage stereo comp.
Neve 33609, 33314, 32264 stereo comp/ API 512 pres, 550b, 560 eq's,
Neve 1073, 1081, 1084, 1064, 1066 eq / Pultec EQP-1As / GML 8200
Fatso stereo comp, Distressor (2), mono comp/brit. mod / Pendulum 6386
Drawmer 1969- fletcher-ized stereo comp/ Teletronic LA-2A / Focusrite 115,
Urei La-3a, LA-4, Urei 1176 (2) / TubeTech Cl-1b mono comp. / dbx 902 (2) deessr's.

Amp and Instruments:

Gibson 335 Hollow Body / Gibson Single Cutaway / Gibson SG
G&L Telecaster 6 string / G&L Statocaster 6 string / / Gibson Les Paul Special

Orange AH30 Twin Channel head with 4x12 Orange cabinet
Soldano HotRod 50W head / Mesa Dual Rectifier head
Ampeg - SVT 350 head / Ampeg VH412B 4 x 12 cabinet
Ampeg - Classic 4x10 cabinet / HiWatt SE4123 4 x 12 cabinet
Randall RG100 2x12 combo amp / Epiphone EP800b combo
Johnson ST10 combo

Pedals -
DOD 280 comp / DOD FX42B Bass EQ / DOD FX82 Bass comp / Danelectro Grilled Cheese / Danelectro Corned Beef / Nobels DT-XN distortion Xtreme / Morley Just Distortion

Yamaha and AHA custom kits including - Kik /snare /rack toms (2)/floor toms (2)
Roto toms / Percussions / Congas etc....


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